Security Wallet Holder

July 11, 2008 1:54 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Security Wallet Holder
What's in your wallet and / or purse?

In my bag is …- Two tickets to our favorite Haunted-A bag of change with about 75 cents and the keys on my cell phone him a menu to my favorite coffee shop, a cardboard holder cup of coffee-it Pizza Hut coupons (Which will probably never be used)-A Stewarts root beer cap-My wallet in my portfolio is -3 cards to local shops, a receipt from Walmart Walmart-A-My card discount "My social security card, my library card ID-A workshop to build a card carrying a hundred dollar bill

Vacuum-ID card in his wallet a piece of paper with my email and information about it – a Canon PowerShot A630-Calgon camera-compact-liner brush mask, lipgloss, nail clippers Spritz, another mirror hair bungees (also known as ponytail holders), the little things like pop clippy when placed in the hair are as large a little side line and get in the middle … in my wallet is another: nothing

GO Personal Holder – kangatek

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