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March 16, 2009 3:14 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

rv rental alaska
Should I take my SUV or a rental RV up the Alaska Highway through Canada in May?

I'm thinking of driving Alaska for fun before the summer traffic starts. May seems like the best time to go. I have a new SUV or you can rent a recreational vehicle half-price big and I'm really transport the rental company. I've done it before from Arizona to Virginia, so I know RV. What I would like to know is that I can wait to get there without damage to my SUV or RV? The damage caused by rocks or bad road conditions? Any suggestions on how to proceed or research on this is appreciated.

I live in Alaska too. Highway and drove the road again in 1988. There were two patches of gravel road that had stains on it. I was driving a 1979 Toyota Celica – and got zero damage. Not even a stone chip on my windshield chip. That is the only damage that I would worry. Of what I have said tourism – the time spent in the Alaska Highway (And do not turn to the Cassiar) are 100% road is paved. Although paved – There are still obstacles in its path. Even here in Fairbanks roads are covered with rocks – mainly because it does not use salt to keep roads in the winter dry – That use of gravel for traction. The only concern would be the price of hotels in price / RV. Do you like roughing it – or you enjoy checking into a hotel? If you have comprehensive insurance on your SUV to consider lowering the deductible on your comprehensive insurance – $ 100 – then the only damage you should get (windshield) and will not be replaced economically. Good luck and enjoy your vacation!

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