Rolling Upright Carry

December 14, 2008 1:46 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Rolling Upright Carry
AP Question for parents / users of baby?

I took my 5 months old, around most of the day. When I put him to play it likes to be upright so I let him spend time in his little chair game (as a walker, but without ability to move). He hates being in the back at this time, but is tolerated within her, and seems to enjoy it for a short time as he likes to kick and move (which is so eager to crawl!). My question is: not really "giving back." Rolling from side to side and arches his back and looks on as he would like to roll but has not been done yet. For people spent their babies much, do you have them in your arms so much more than on the floor of this milestone delays? Has anyone noticed a delay in other milestones (walking, crawling, etc)? I have a tight and deep homemade a few that I use … I can switch between them depending on what we are doing.

I wore my baby probably 60% of the time. She is now almost 10 months and refuses to let me anymore. She started crawling at 7 months, but NEVER overturned. She just was not a roller. She has affected every other milestone in the side ahead of time if not on time (sitting, crawling, cruising, and standing on their own), but even today, rolls only in dreams, she just started about a few months ago. I do not think using baby has nothing to do with it. Babies are naturally curious, and I think the most will use more independent than in the ground to explore, when they are ready.

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