Rolling Travel Luggage

January 16, 2008 10:48 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Rolling Travel Luggage
Space Saver bags and airlines?

Are those space saving bags [travel where to deploy the air bag is released and compact clothing] fine to use on your luggage when going on a plane over seas or customs of clothing in the bag?

I can travel internationally several times a year and use the space saver bags all the time. I use bags of space around 2-4 per bag (depending on size of pockets of space) for each trip. It in which I had never been opened, and also where they have been. If they have opened, do not worry too much about it as they are quite good to get the bag closed again, but do not take the time to re-compress and deflate the bag. So you can say, who have never taken any clothes out, like forming a double check on the same.

Rolling Travel Bags | Travel bags on Wheels and Baggage on Wheels

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