Resort Rental July

March 25, 2009 2:45 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Resort Rental July
How much time could be not paying the monthly lease payment?

Okay, so this is how it goes. I have 38 years left on his contract and I'm going a very difficult economic situation in your state. My rent is $ 4000 and is a resort, karaoke and a restaurant on this property. Returning July last year, I had a lack of rental fee ($ 1,000) Until today (except the deficit) despite the difficult economic situation that have paid all lease payments, but only by a shortage that has sent me a letter saying it would terminate the lease if I pay, and said that they rudely. Have to think I have to continue for 38 years, something has just died. So what I have in mind now is the right not to pay the rent payment, and try to sell this property, even for a very low price for someone else, then go to another country. My question is how long I can go to not pay the rent? I'm trying to find someone to take over the lease. And I'm trying to sell them with a certain amount, then I would go off the island.

It depends on the owner. The Most commercial leases allow the landlord to seize the property without going through the eviction process. They can legally do this even if your a day delay in payment. His idea of selling the property does not belong to that I would never work. A simple title search / search tax would show that the real owner.

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