Real Photo

September 15, 2008 8:36 PM | Postcards From Alaska

Real Photo
How do I change my avatar to a “real” photo that I can upload from my computer?

Well I read some other questions similar but I think you have to add Yahoo! 360, but they closed that. So how can I?


☷☷geт yoυr perѕonal ιмage☷☷

⑴-.-ѕeт yoυr yaнoo! proғιle on тнe
вelow lιnĸ

⑵-.-clιcĸ тнe cнange pнoтo lιnĸ
aт rιgнт oғ тнe ιмage (ιn вlυe).

⑶-.-clιcĸ тнe add pнoтo lιnĸ.

⑷-.-clιcĸ тнe вrowѕer вυттon
тo ғιnd pнoтoѕ on yoυr coмpυтer’ѕ
нard drιve

➣тнe ιмage ғιle yoυ ѕelecт мυѕт
вe ιn jpeg or png ғorмaт and
ѕмaller тнan 5 мв.

⑸-.-clιcĸ тнe υpload вυттon тo add
ιт тo yoυr proғιle.
crop тнe pнoтo тo encloѕe тнe
parт oғ тнe ιмage тнaт yoυ wanт
тo υѕe .

⑹-.-clιcĸ тнe crop вυттon .
Then clιcĸ on υѕe ѕelecтed pнoтo

☞dιѕplay yoυr pιcтυre ιn
yaнoo! anѕwerѕ

Ⓐ.-coмe вacĸ aт yoυr proғιle
yaнoo! anѕwerѕ

нave 3 opтιonѕ.
❍υѕe мy yaнoo! avaтar
❍υѕe мy proғιle ιмage
❍no pιcтυre

Ⓑ.-cнecĸ тнe opтιon
⦿ υѕe мy proғιle ιмage

Ⓒ.-aт тнe вoттoм oғ тнe page,
clιcĸ on prevιew/clιcĸ “ѕave”

Ӈave a greaт day!!!!…

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