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April 28, 2009 3:50 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

real estate in alaska
Alaska real estate – a good investment?

I'm talking about Anchorage and area. I've been thinking about investing in U.S. real estate for a while (I'm not of America) and AK seems a good place to start – I searched and found some very nice and cheap houses (3 bedrooms +. as 150K). Anyway, how crisis and global recession AK affect the real estate market? Is there a lower property taxes there? Is it difficult to find tenants?

The houses that are easy to sell in Alaska are first-time homeowners. Unless you plan to live in Alaska, I would not recommend becoming a landlord, as it will to pay for repairs and you do the same, and if you're not there to check things you may end up with tenants who damage your home. The recession is affecting Alaska. The rules in real estate are the same everywhere. Try to buy something that is undervalued. Location is everything. Being able to make payments if the house has to be empty because you can not find tenants. To find what you need to know, call real estate offices anchor, call the Department of State Alaska Economic Development and ask for the housing vacancy statistics (unrented van rentals, homes that are not sold), and call the Alaska Department of Labor for information about local jobs and the economy are doing. Call the Municipality of Anchorage for information about property taxes. A house at a cheap price may be a good deal, or can be in a really bad neighborhood with crack houses and not near good schools or shopping. You will want to come to Anchorage and make many questions before you spend your money. Good luck in your venture. I hope you find something good part.

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