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real estate commission in alaska

Texas Real Estate – Why Invest There in 2007

Texas is a state located in the southwestern United States. It is the second largest state, both area and population, behind Alaska and California, respectively. Texas is famous for its oil reserve, energy and aviation industry who have contributed much to its growth. Texas real estate is also on an upward trend in several cities. This has much to do with a relatively low cost Texas housing, its location in the center of the country, low taxes, favorable climate and abundant supplies of oil and natural gas.

Property Investors should seek investment real estate in Texas in 2007 as the state, due to its booming economy, is experiencing an influx of immigrants from other states. Real estate prices in Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio (a few large cities in Texas), while generally bullish, remain affordable. An average household family of Dallas costs about $ 260,000, while one in Austin would cost about $ 200,000. A similar property in San Antonio would be a price 220,000 U.S. dollars, while one in Houston going to be easy on your pocket, which cost about $ 150,000.

It shows that real property shown in Texas the rate of 5 percent annually. Although the rate of appreciation is not to show off, the fact that Texas real property is relatively low price is reason enough to keep investors interested. Given the rising economy of Texas, long-term investments in Texas real estate is sure to get benefits due time.

Another major reason why investors should invest in Texas real estate is the existence of TREC or Texas Real Estate Commission. The TREC is a government agency, created in 1949 to govern the practice of real estate in Texas. With the presence of TREC, it is highly unlikely that a real estate investor to be deceived by a real estate broker without scruples. This is because TREC has made it mandatory for realtors and sellers to maintain certain education levels to have a valid license to work as a real estate agent. Provided by TREC rules are binding on all real estate agents and professionals.

In essence, investment real estate in Texas is a profitable option in 2007. Given the booming economy Texas and the presence of government bodies such as TREC, investing in Texas real estate company seems to be foolproof.

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