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March 26, 2008 8:44 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

real estate alaska
Why did Palin hire former High school friends to important jobs in Alaska?

For example, Palin hired a high school friend inexperienced to lead the State Division of Agriculture – a $ 95,000 per year job. "So when there was a vacancy at the top Division of Agriculture, was appointed to a high school classmate, Franci Havemeister, to the address $ 95,000 a year. A former real estate agent, Ms. Havemeister cited her childhood love of cows as one of his qualifications to head the agency about $ 2 million. "[New York Times, 9/14/08] (It may be because highly qualified women ("the love child of cows?) Http: / / SFCM: Yes, I've heard of permafrost. The dictionary defined as the permanently frozen layer beneath the surface of the Earth. In this case, applies in the brain of Palin.

Its called the nepotism, and means that hasn't has the faintest idea how to interview a real candidate for any job. She does not know how to do the right questions, ands she does not know how to evaluate any qualifications candidates.

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