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May 16, 2009 3:24 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

real estate agents in alaska

Camping RV parks for sale by owner Alaska

There are many RV parks that are for sale in Alaska. I must say that all these RV Park around Alaska are quiet popular and if you want to buy, so good after Alaska is for you. You will find hundreds of RV parks here that are really ready for sale. The trailer park doing business here is quiet popular and many people do visit this place to enjoy your holiday swing. I must say that Alaska is one of the best to spend our vacation destinations in the country after all of Florida. Therefore it is advantageous to buy quiet property, such as RV parks out here in Florida.

I feel that you will find many reasons to buy a mobile home park. Now I list some of the best RV parks throughout Alaska, are not for sale. You can choose any one for you according to your likes and dislikes. And I must say I definitely love it.

Some RV parks, which are for sale in this area are:

1. Girdwood
This is one of the parks in Alaska. And it is there for sale. I must say You will find this park to be really big. There are swimming pools, playgrounds, and all other services. You can buy this property, and charged a lot of benefits. The area is about 2300 hectares and this is really a large area. The cost is about $ 65000000, which is quiet huge.

Definitely you can buy this property and I assure you it is safe for the outcome. You can contact the local real estate agent for detailed information and assure you that will guide throughout the process. It is simply a great bargain.

The address of this RV park for sale is:
Portage Valley RV Park & Rentals Cabin
Mile 1.7 Portage Glacier Rd
Whittier, AK 99 693
Phone: 1-907-783-3111

There are many more RV parks for sale in Alaska and can have data for most of them from the local real estate agents. Let me give you the details of a trailer park more for sale.

2. Nenana
This is in Alaska and is for sale. The park address is:
Nenana RV Park & Camping
Just call this number and get all the information. But I must say that it would be best to first call some estate agents roots and then contact the owner of this trailer park that for sale.

I feel that you must have an RV park in Alaska, and believe me will be a good business.

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