Princess Cruise Line Alaska

December 22, 2008 1:56 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

princess cruise line alaska
Alaska cruise line recommended?

I am planning a cruise to Alaska in July with my wife and two children aged 8 and 6. From Seattle and travel through the inside passage. I'm trying to decide between Holland America Oosterdamm and Star Princess. I would appreciate your advice on what cruise line would be better for my family. Please only respond if you have traveled on both lines. The order of importance to me are: 1. 2 cabin quality. Food / Dining quality 3. Service 4. Overall Quality Boat 5. For kids activities 6. Excursions

Holland America is a cruise line that is oriented more towards older adults and their cruises are usually more expensive. Princess cruises are more oriented to the fun, although the service and quality may suffer slightly alittle said this. Princess Cruises likely to have better activities for children and more of them. As I said, Holland America is definitely not geared towards children at all. The Holland America would benefit from better quality of food and probably better service. Both ships were built with a year of eachother and are fairly new, so both should be in good condition. trips should also be the same because the cruise lines always tend to have the same trips. Not the cruise line that plans for the trips, but make deals with local tour companies to go from your ship as a group. With that said, it is your choice. If you prefer more luxurious Holland America selection environment. If you prefer more of a "fun" feel and more activities for families and children learn the princess.

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