Princess Alaska Cruise

March 23, 2009 1:45 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

princess alaska cruise
Golden Princess Cruise to Alaska?

I am a teenager (13) and idk wat they are supposed to wear on the Alaskan cruise on the Golden Princess and i dont know what teenagers are supposed to do on the cruise (my first time). I heard it's a teen center and solarium one made just for adolescents in the boat. I'm not going with anybody my age. My sister is two years younger so i cannot really be with her …

I have sailed on Princess 16 times and teen center is great and all teens your age hang out there. All of you are trying to get away from their parents, relax and have fun. You all have the same thing in common. Generally, teens just want to end up hanging out in the area of adolescence and not wanting to go anywhere else. You will find a lot of kids your age and find plenty to do on the boat. They have mini-golf, indoor sports, four pools, pizzeria, grill char, excellent training facilities, today's cinema, ice cream, internet cafe, shuffle board, game room, video games and 24 hour buffet for lunch. Each boat is close to one quarter mile long and princess cool scavenger hunt along the ship. I see most of the sails in Alaska teens in jeans (girls and boys) and hoodie. You need normal shoes and an extra pair that can get dirty. I also like to take a warm jacket (can be cold on board at night) and gloves. You will also have two formal nights where everyone dresses. All other meals are informal in the boat. You can even go to the buffet in shorts and sandals or pajamas. You can go to any sports store and get a disposable rain poncho that fits in your pocket. Do not forget to bring shorts and / or a bathing suit. Last year he joined the high 80's during the summer in Alaska. The best trick is too bring the right clothing can layer. I know you'll like the cruise and ask your parents to go on another. Have fun!

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