Power Adaptor Socket

October 22, 2008 10:21 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Power Adaptor Socket
japanese power adaptor?

going to japan in a few months want to take my ipod with me and will be using a power adaptor to charge it. i live in australia so will i need an adaptor to be able to plug my charger into a wall socket in japan and where can i get one from??

Although I live in Japan and I don’t know well about Australia,
The INPUT240V-OUTPUT100V adaptor is sold anywhere in Japan.
For example at Akihabara,yodobashiKamera(electric appliance store ),kounan(General store ) or at the airport in Japan mostly.

However, the INPUT100V-OUTPUT240V adaptor is not sold at Japan.

if you would like to charge only IPOT,I recommend you to buy the adaptor for IPOT at the electric appliance store in Japan.
(If the IPOD of Australia and the IPOD of Japan are the same standards.)

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