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January 4, 2010 3:28 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Pouch Wallet Travel
how to write a detail report or description on personal items lost.?

i had lost my personal belongings in the hotel i stay when i was on a trip to vietnam.i had already submitted a police report to the travel insurance company.but they wanted a more detail report on how i lost the money and items and where i excatly place it in the hotel room.as i am not so good in my english.i hope someone can teach me or show me a sample on how to write the report.below is a brief description on what happened.

i and my wife went back to the hotel room around 1am.i place my wallet and handphone on the table lamp beside the bed.a digital camera which is inside my pouch was place on the other table.next morning when my wife woke up,she realised both the handphone on the table was lost.and she woke me up.my wallet still there but the cash inside lost.and also the camera.after that we inform the frontdesk and make a police report.
i hope someone can help me with this

Write a statement that this is a list of items lost, list them, sign it, and forward it to the proper authorities.

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