Pouch Waist Money

December 8, 2009 5:55 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Pouch Waist Money
Passport security during the trip?

Hello I am preparing to go to Ireland for 2 weeks. Does anyone have suggestions for how best to lead our identity cards, passports, credit cards, etc. I'm told I should get a waist bag, bra stash, money belt, etc. Is really that dangerous?

I bought a bag collar of my passport for the first time I went abroad, and I never used it. On the other hand, I was at home a friend of my cousin, so I did not want to leave it in my room was a risk. I would say this would depend on where you are – whether in a hotel, your room may have insurance, or you could ask the hotel to make sure their passport (if it is a prestigious hotel.) Regarding credit cards, just got a small purse has a zipper (not a snap closure or a tie) and a short strap to fit comfortably under the arm, and only carry in my purse. For a boy who would get a front pocket wallet and just keep them there – my personal opinion is that if you go with a waist pouch or money belt, you look as a tourist, so probably more of a mark. Make sure you make 2 copies of your passport – leave at home with a friend or relative, and take one with you and keep it separate from your real passport – this will facilitate replacement if you lose the real. Also do the same with traveler's checks. Write down your card numbers credit (and keep this separate, too), and call the credit card company to obtain the phone number to call if Ireland to lose. Also, as soon as you get there, look for the U.S. Embassy or Consulate nearest to you know where to go for the issuance of a passport or if you should enter in any kind of legal problems.

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