Pouch Passport Wallet

January 9, 2009 8:50 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Pouch Passport Wallet
going to thailand…should i keep my bank card on me at all times?

and where? in a bum bag or maybe even create a little wallet pouch in my bra (incase of ever having my bag stolen?)

I do not want to take any risks at all with my bank card or passport. Where should i keep these whilst i walk around towns etc

and what tips do people have to stop unwanted attention from wierd men ( i know not all thais are wierd, most v nice and sweet but there will obviously be some sickos and i dont wanna attract thier attention) should i cover up? and maybe wear a ring on my finger-(heard this helps and puts them off!)

thanks ppl x

I would put the card where the sun don’t shine. As for not drawing attention take the bag off your head it will draw least atttention.

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