Plush Fleece

September 18, 2008 8:07 PM | Alaskan Eagles

Plush Fleece
Need help with my Viking Emerald 116 sewing machine?

I’m sewing together two big pieces of fabric to make a double sided blanket, one side is just fleece, the other is a super plush soft fabric. No matter what settings I change, my thread continues to bunch up and get caught together in a huge mess that I have to keep ripping out. It’s getting incredibly frustrating and I don’t know what stitch to use or if I should just give it up and hand-sew it because of the plush fabric. Can anyone help?

Do you have a walking (even-feed) foot ?

This will help keep the layers from shifting.

Without the walking foot, you will need to baste the two layers together with thread or pins.

Lengthen the stitch and perhaps loosen the presser foot pressure (this adjustment is usually on the front left or top of the sewing machine).

Test with scraps of the fabrics, adjusting if necessary before sewing the blanket.

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