Plug Outlet Adapter

December 5, 2009 10:40 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Plug Outlet Adapter
"I can find a 4-pin adapter dryer outlet to receive a NEMA 6-15p?

Hello, I want to buy a device that has a NEMA 6-15p and must be connected to a standard single phase, 220 volt, 30 amp range plug. I know the outlets for our home appliances are the only with the tension and the 4 points of contact. "I can buy an adapter that will allow me to connect a NEMA 6-15P in the range outlet of 4 jacks I have?

If the device has a plug 6-15, then intended to be used with a maximum overcurrent protection device rating of 15 amps. You would to replace the switch or fuse that takes power. Then it would be better to replace the container with a 6-15R. Most 50 amp switches ranges feed them.

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