Piece Luggage Set

July 24, 2009 1:33 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Piece Luggage Set
Would a flight attendant make you check your one carry on bag if other people have too many bags?

When I travel I only bring one backpack, last time I flew I could barely find an overhead compartment for my backpack because these dundle heads were bringing their five piece luggage sets on the flight. Would a flight attendant be able to take your bag and put it in an overhead not near you if you can’t find one? Could they tell the other passengers in your row that they can’t take up the entire overhead compartment for that row? Or would I be stuck checking my backpack.

This is one of the things that’g getting out of control because airlines are charging for checked baggage. Actually charging baggage is more fair because you pay less when you don’t have anything to check. The problem is most passengers exploit the carry on because very seldom do airline staff turn away people with more than what’s officially allowed at the gate.

When you can’t find space for your bags, flight attendants would put it somewhere else for you or you can do it yourself. Sometimes passengers put a coat flatly inside it, or put a bag laterally which takes up more space when it should be placed vertically, under these circumstances you can re-organize them to fit in your own bag. After all the overhead bin is for everybody. In case there is really no more space available, the attendant will put it in some little space reserved for the crew. It’s extremely rare to recheck a bag after it’s allowed onto the aircraft.

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