Pictures Ketchikan Alaska

July 24, 2009 5:50 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

pictures ketchikan alaska
Where should I go on vacation in Alaska?

I've always had a desire to go there. Just not sure where. Hoping to go for a week or so in June or July. I live in Oregon and love to go to the forest. I want to take my car but dont want to get a passport to travel across Canada. I learned about the ferry Alaska departing from Washington. As an example, I looked at how long it takes to go to Skagway, 3 + days. Too long. I realized that Ketchikan is less than a day is that near the Alaska Highway? Is there another alternative that allows me to take my car? The links, photos, and information is greatly appreciated. What about camping? In Oregon, I can go out into the woods, a tent, $ zero. "I can do in Alaska?

The ferry leaves Bellingham. I've taken from Haines to Bellingham. If you are not going to drive through Canada, then there is no reason to take your car. No where to go on the ferry makes stops unless you go to Haines, Skagway or connect Anchorage. Sounds like you do not have enough time. I drove up in Central Illinois all the way to the Arctic Circle and after 5 weeks I took the AK ferry back. It is an extraordinary journey as it is full of locals. Check the calendar to see if they might, one day in Juneau or Ketchikan and take the next turn. If you are limited on time, take a cruise from Seattle to Anchorage, then train to Denali (all through your cruise company) and even back to Fairbanks or Anchorage and fly home. You can not drive in a week, not even close. Google Only Alaska and you will have more information than you could use. Our travel bible was the landmark. The most informative book to drive states to lower AK. Have fun

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