Pharmacy Jobs In Alaska

October 24, 2009 9:28 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Does anyone know how to find the pharmacy job openings in Alaska?

I am looking up next year. My girlfriend is graduating from the Faculty Pharmacy next April is expected to be in the summer time. I've heard of the Million Dollar sign of Pharmacists, but really have not seen because it is, of course, very difficult to find. I am looking for something along those lines. large sign on, good salary, moving expenses, loan repayments, outside major cities, etc. Does anyone know how to find these deals?

HAHAHAHA all those things you want are right next to the unicorns in the hall 3. But seriously. In Alaska most rural areas are rural enough that they have no place that could even hire a pharmacist. Anchorage Fairbanks and Juneau are the cities and other communities there are some large enough to have hospitals and pharmacies. Smaller communities have a clinic (Maybe) and a public health nurse to staff it. Some do not even broadcast it and the nurses on the go. You will not find a job here to pay their loans or pay you to come and live here. Jobs are competitive everywhere, and this is no exception. Now you might actually find pharmacist's work, and depending on the company and how badly they want you can try to negotiate for more. (Good luck) Here is general information about jobs in Alaska can also check out local newspapers classified This will give you an idea of communities of Alaska

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