Patriotic Eagle

March 15, 2008 3:46 AM | Alaskan Eagles

Patriotic Eagle
Is American Eagle Outfitters anti-American for making most of their merchandise in Vietnam?

Seriously! Every time my girlfriends and I go shopping at stores in the mall I like to look and see where the stores’ products were made. When we go to American Eagle I notice that the vast majority of the clothing sold there is made in Vietnam. Wait a minute – isn’t Vietnam technically communist? Weren’t we at war with those people 40 years ago? And why (from an average American point-of-view) is it perfectly ethical to do business with Vietnam and China (also “communist”) but morally wrong to do business with Cuba? I understand that, like modern China, modern Vietnam is nowhere near communist/socialist but from a very patriotic American’s view would it be considered anti-American of American Eagle to do so much business with the pinko commie Vietnamese?

Being communist isn’t as taboo as it was 20 years ago. There’s a lot of reasons why america hates cuba that youll probably learn in history. But companies have things made in asia because they can get it done for dirt cheap. Here in america, factories need to be clean, workers can only work so many hours, and they need to be paid enough money.

In asia, they can pay them pennies per hour, and there is no such thing as sanitary conditions.

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