Passport Cover Travel

August 20, 2009 9:44 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Passport Cover Travel
How much is a Philippine passport and visa problems Are there people in the Philippines to travel to Thailand?

I would like to invite a friend mine from the Philippines to visit me in Thailand, but still no passport. How much does a passport from Philippines and how long it takes to get a? I have seen that citizens of the Philippines can enter Thailand on a visa waiver, but have you experienced any problems with that? In order to obtain an exemption Visa is a need to have an equivalent of 10,000 THB, but will be mailed an invitation to do instead as I will cover all expenses for my friend in Thailand? I am a Danish citizen myself. Answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Filipino passport costs no more than average of PhP 1, 000.00. You can pay extra for get a passport quickly. You ca invite your friend in Thailand and he / she does not need to obtain a visa or invitation from you. Just pass the immigration and no wonder. Your friend can stay in Thailand for 30 days and may extend to another day 30. Hope this helps

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