Nursing Jobs In Alaska

March 24, 2008 8:03 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

nursing jobs in alaska
If I get as a nurse, can lead to a career medical asst?

I want to be a medical assistant, but 1. I do not think there is a program about Me and 2. I know I have not the time to commit to it. I was looking to start as a registered nurse and working my way there for a while. Later in life I still like going to the PA route but worth it or should I go the route nurse? side notes: My kids are 2 and 3. Or he must be in the nursery or pray for I can find a nanny / babysitter … I have a degree in business. My husband is in the military who are stationed in central Alaska. I have never worked a hospital before but is required to work early the next year after my husband goes back to Iraq.

Yes you can be whatever you want to be, if you complete all necessary training. Because her husband is in the army, Look into my spouse's support programs. Excelsior College really tips. I go to nursing and stay home. You study at you own pace. In all honesty, it depends on you if you want to be a nurse and go by the AP. Nor is bad and the pay is approximately the same. It has always been my opinion that PA receives the same level or respect as MD, while the NP is unappreciated. They can do similar work, but nurses do a little less depending on the state. You will always find work in any employment and level of expertise is rigorous for both fields. NP usually requires 2-5 years working as a nurse before applying to the PA profession while requiring only a bachelor's degree and no experience. If I were you, I would only PA now and talk to your husband to see if he can transfer his GI bill to you while attending school with tuition assistance that pays 100%, while in active service. That way you can stop working, if it is, and goes into training. Most bases offer child care assistance, so the first attempt.

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