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November 6, 2009 12:28 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

north to alaska

Take a break Wildlife in Alaska for a unique and relaxing holiday

A leap of wildlife can be the most relaxing vacation ever take, and the large number of wildlife refuges and national parks spread across the United States means that most U.S. residents are not likely to run out of inspiration for a new wilderness holiday idea. But if you're willing to experience a unique break in nature, why not visit Alaska? The variety of fauna Arctic and national forests in Alaska means you'll be on holiday never boring desert.

Fly to Anchorage and take a trip to the reservation Arctic National Wildlife Refuge – a wildlife park in northeastern Alaska that spans nineteen million acres. Out of this, eight million acres were officially designated as a U.S. Wilderness Area in 1960, before the expansion of the refuge in 1980. Like a desert area, the area is fascinating because it incorporates six different ecological zones and extends about 200 km.

With a variety of barrier islands and coastal lagoons that are at the northern boundary of the refuge, visitors will find arctic fish rare, such as Dolly Varden and Arctic cisco. You will also find a wide range of polar bears hunting seals during the winter, while the caribou often arise during the summer to seek shelter from insects.

Move south and find the Arctic coastal plain that leads to the foothills of the Andes Brooks – a mountain range that extends over a horizontal region from the wildlife refuge to the east in Canada's Yukon Territory. The characteristic vegetation tundra of this region means that the region is predominantly habituated by migratory birds and insects. However, September sees the arrival of tens of thousands of geese snow before their migration south ultimately, while musk oxen live here year-round.

Vacationers in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge traveling south you will find a variety of wildlife to see: popular birds habituate Alaskan Arctic during summer include peregrine falcons, hawks, falcons, eagles, harlequin ducks and red-breasted mergansers. However, dall sheep, bears, wolves, Arctic ground squirrels and gray often are all residents in the region throughout the year.

If you are interested in enjoying the tranquility of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, you will find a number of hotels in Anchorage where you can stay. From here, you will find many tour operators offer tours of Alaska wilderness to the tourists – so you can be sure that your Alaska Adventure has all the advantages of professional holiday in the wild!

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