Never Used Vera

December 14, 2009 6:34 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Never Used Vera
Greasy hair Will It Ever Stop!?

Every day of the week I have to wash my hair in the morning (even before school) I have 13 years and I had this problem since I was about 11. I informed my doctor about it, but it gave me a special shampoo but it's not good it is. Currently im using a aleo vera herbal shampoo 7 but not the best I've used hundreds of different, but they do not seem to be doing any good. At the end of the day is thick fat. I have never used conditioner in my life, and that makes it worse for my hair type (I have thin, midlength hair blond). But it's really funny. All my friends say it will ruin my hair permantently if I wash it every morning I do not want that. Will i grow out of this problem? Is it just my hormones (at that age)? PLEASE HELP ME I Dont Want to made a disaster FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! LOL

Try to get a shampoo that dehydrates hair. No problem. with her hair. That happens to all girls especially at that age.

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