Motorcycle Bag Backpack

June 22, 2009 11:00 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Motorcycle Bag Backpack
What are you doing with your motorcycle equipment to reach your destination?

So plan on getting a bike and use it every day to travel to college, I'm a. Also planning the full protection of myself with the right, boots, pants, jacket, gloves, helmet, etc. My question is: what do people do with their gear once they reach their destination? I do not want to walk with it all day, every day. I was thinking I could get bags to carry my books, normal shoes, etc and also carry a backpack, and then when I get to my destination I could put the books, etc in my backpack, take my art outside of the motorcycle (using my normal clothes underneath), and then put the train of motorcycles in the saddlebags. Is this what is usually done? Are there bags with locks?

College should have lockers where you can store your stuff during the day. Or you could ask the concierge (or a professor of environment) if they can leave things in the / her office or a closet. I ride to the office and leave my stuff on my desk. But that can not be possible as they walk between classes I imagine. You can always chain your bike helmet, there are cables for sale for this specific purpose. In addition, textile arts sometimes easier in a leather backpack. Hope this is of some help!

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