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September 26, 2009 1:19 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

map anchorage alaska

The Great Outdoors – Gold Alaska, Knik Glacier

I grew up in the wilds of Alaska. Heck I was born in a small house in the form of A in a small area called "Butte. It's just outside the town of Palmer, about 7 miles away. It is an incredible place. Fincas around me, lightly traveled roads. Then, Of course, the Butte "across the street. If up even a few hundred meters, you can search and view the Knik Glacier. This is our first area of discussion Alaska gold and where to explore that in the great outdoors of Alaska. Quick Poll, Always Gold Hit $ 2,000?
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Coming from Anchorage on the Old Glenn Highway, you must cross the Knik bridge and turn right in Sullivan. Ensure that carries all the necessary equipment. I will give this more in a minute. After taking a right onto Sullivan, continue for approximately one mile. To my knowledge there was no sign of Jim Creek (which leads you to Knik Glacier). The road / path is to return to the right next to a large spread of gravel vacuum. That's how you get to Knik Glacier.
Before packing for your outdoor adventure, make sure you have what it takes to go out to Knik Glacier in the first place. You will need a great capacity for small fleet of ATVs. Four wheels are the most common way to go. Or even you can fly, either by renting a plane if you have necessary license, or hire a pilot and plane. The Jim Creek area is difficult for 4X4 vehicles. Many have been lost or destroyed due to the infamous clay sucks everything in it – especially large vehicles. This is why SUVs are preferred for what will be an adventure to the Knik Glacier, 11 miles the beginning of the Knik River. This is where the bedrock is to discover gold. There are nuggets here. But be careful and obtain a mining concession BLM map area to ensure that no trespass. Owners usually claim I do not care if they come across on your claim, and actually if locate through BLM's records (Department of Natural Resources) can often obtain written permission to work on demand. The claimant will usually ask a percentage – anywhere from 20% – 50%. In the wide open spaces of the Matanuska-Susitna Valley, have large amounts of mosquito repellent. In addition wherever you find gold, usually takes large in the neighborhood. Use your common sense, I would not suggest anything. People have their own ways to deal with a potential threat of a bear.
Gold deposits, cash sluice and rocker boxes are all good to use here. And you can also bring a hammer and a spike train. These are great for controlling cracks bed rock. Metal detectors are useful if well trained. Especially since there are a lot of lead in the use of firearms around the Knik Glacier. The lead and gold signal can be very confusing. You can spend thirty minutes of digging in nearly freezing water. Only to discover the power of a.308 round. But is the adventure the outdoor life that attracts us, right? The biggest threat to your safety here is wet. Even in July, the cold water is cold, so having the right equipment with you on your adventure. Good luck, and not get stuck in the mud!
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I was born and raised in Alaska. Lived and worked in Iraq for 3.5 years until just recently.

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