Magic Wallet Ticket

January 29, 2010 6:01 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Magic Wallet Ticket
Would you like 3 wishes for Aladdin's lamp?

I sure would …. First wish: a magic wallet … every time he would release a $ 20 bill. Second wish: airfare for 2 … unlimited lifetime. Third wish: A new study complete with magnificent art supplies for life.

I can not think of a fate worse than it actually has three wishes would be fulfilled supernaturally. The unintended consequences of having a wish come true may indeed cause catastrophic effects, as often happens in the moral tales of the will of grant. But even worse would be the doubts and fears that it could have used my best wishes. I could have used my desire to end world hunger or disease. Could I have used it to make sure that no baby has been born without love? So to avoid such dilemmas, I think I would go the route Homer and desire for a turkey sandwich.

The Magic Wallet


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