Luggage Tote Bag

January 13, 2010 9:55 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Luggage Tote Bag
Do I have to carry a plastic bag onboard an airplane or can I use a tote?

Can i bring a tote w/ like pencils and paper and a therapy pillow onboard a NORTHWEST airplane for my daughter? or must i bring a ziplock?? will i have 2 pack the tote in my luggage?

I use a shoulder bag type tote to hold my books, a change of clothes, my camera/film and any magazines or things I have bought. The zip lock is for your liquids such as lotions, hair gel, makeup, eye drops, ect. You can put all your liquid things in the zip lock and then put it in the tote and when you get to security just pull out the zip lock and put that in its own bin. You can carry on a tote bag with the things you mentioned just the way you would have done before the rule changes, just make sure you isolate the liquids into its own zip lock. Hope this helps!

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