Luggage Set Red

February 3, 2010 8:33 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Luggage Set Red
How to make your luggage easy to find in a luggage carousel??

My boyfriend and I are traveling from LAX (Los Angeles) the League (Las Vegas) on a Friday (May 30) until Monday (June 2) and just bought a set of luggage … five red card and was wondering if anyone had any unique ideas to make our bags stand out so it can be easy to find. We heard of a ribbion tieing it around .. all doenst do that??? i havent flown for a long time and will be my first boyfriend and we want to make it as easy as possible .. any suggestions???

no, not all tape ties in your bag handles (although I'm sure you often want to have) … and in any case, the combination of color and the size of the bag and the color and size tape is always unique … I have never met who are removed … Just make sure that the tape is wide enough to be seen from a distance, this is not time to be delicate … and if you want to be absolutely exceptional to use a strip of cloth tape instead … I do not bother with pretty bows, I go hard practice granny knot that will not break when it comes to finding your luggage in the middle of a bunch of other things, leaving out of fashion and go to profile … you can always put the fabric or ribbon in the last moment before checking your luggage and cut it back once you've found it, if it bothers you luggage straps are good too, but I have always found unnecessary … but if you use one just make sure you tie it tight enough to not snag on anything or was removed and, again, the color combination of the strap and the color of the case is probably unique in any flight of whatever you do, DO NOT be tempted to put your name and address on the outside of your baggage, that is bad security … put a luggage tag is fine, just do not put your data in it else I've seen makes a stand bag is wrap in cling film (as call film in the UK, I think they call saran wrap or something like that in the States) … This service is offered at some airports and is intended to be an element of security deterrent for baggage thefts more difficult … not sure how effective it is to prevent theft, but is very visible, are covered with network that can put in bags and sealed with a padlock … again this is seen as a safety device (and have the backpack straps in place so that it does not stick) … one of them over your suitcase would be very visible, but I really do not think the spending is necessary

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