Luggage Set Green

November 24, 2008 12:25 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Luggage Set Green
What about airports today?

My mom and I travel a lot, and when we want to get somewhere far away in no time flat fly. We have to buy a new set of luggage whenever we travel somewhere. Our old have holes, zippers do not work, handle is broken, missing wheels, belts are separated … Basically, the gear is beaten beyond repair. Why? Can not get on a plane a snow globe in his hand luggage. Why does it have to be on the take? Well, read above. Anyway, you can pass by so many X-ray lights green, but can not go in your luggage. I had to have it shipped. Security has waaaaay too long. Take off your shoes, jacket, socks, hair, legs and brain before proceeding through the metal detector. BIP! Whoops. It seems that the iron in the blood of his departure. Please sit and wait while sucking the blood and check for harmful substances. It is too much. What is your story airport hell?

I fly a lot and never turns the metal detector. Security takes a long time because they have to ensure that people are not taking dangerous objects onto aircraft. Check your luggage can be damaged, but only rather pack light and carry it out. Plan ahead to take things on, there must be some rules. Go with the flow and do not get stressed.

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