Luggage Bag Tag

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Luggage Bag Tag
What is the best way to track lost luggage by an airline, and to be compensated for their value?

I was booked for British Airways flight from CDG to LAX on 07/04/07. British Airways then rerouted me to American Airlines (due to security problems at Heathrow) with a stop at JFK airport before arriving at LAX. My bags are still missing and nobody seems to want to help .. British Air forgot to give me a luggage tag … I try to call and send by email and no one seems to care … HELP!

I work for a U.S. company and the services of baggage is where I spent about 2 years. I found this article I am pasting below some time. He used the publication of this article, along with a baggage claim for each customer so be ready the next time your bags are mishandled. Good luck! The first part of the process – the bag does not arrive you are there, waiting for your luggage the carousel, and does not appear. What you need to do now is beat the rush to reach the lost luggage counter claim. Often find that there are the only person with lack or loss of luggage, and you are rarely more than two people working at the counter (and sometimes only one). If there are three or four people ahead of you in line, and if each claim takes 5 to 10 minutes to process, you may find spending up to an hour waiting to file a claim. Thus que, mientras usted espera de su bolsa, mirar alrededor y saber dónde tienes que ir si su equipaje no llega. And as soon as bags seem to stop coming up, hot foot over the counter claim to be the first in line. Note that just because one of their bags arrive, does not guarantee that any other bags also checks also arrive. As soon as there seems no more bags are arriving, they launch a counter-claim. You can always return to the carousel if necessary. What 'll counterclaim this may seem obvious, but if it flew in two (or more) flights operated by two (or more) airlines, the company Air is made his claim? Believe it or not, common sense will prevail in this case. The airline flies to the last is the airline that will to solve the problem of luggage. The airline that flew the final leg to your destination will have at least one office of the airport but the airline that began your trip with (perhaps in another country) may be an unknown destination. So go to the counter of the airline that flew to their destination. All companies carriers have agreed between them that no matter who is at fault, the airline passenger is the last line that will solve the problem. What to Expect in the counter claim at this point, the bag is delayed or missing. If you are late, that means the company knows exactly where your bag, and also is 99% sure that when the bag reaches its destination. Hopefully, your bag is only delayed. But do not worry if it is declared missing. Good news – the bag is only delayed that sometimes, the baggage claim staff can be a little careless with the facts, and try to say 'Oh yeah, do not worry. Every time I miss this flight bags, put them on the next flight, which is due in an hour. If you only have to wait sixty extra minutes, the bag must reach that point. "We do not accept this statement without checking carefully. Ask "Can you confirm, then you have located the bag on your system, and that is (currently aboard that flight, due to be loaded on this flight) for the insurance? To give an idea of what they are doing with your computer. If you have not introduced his tag number in his computer bag and paged through a screen or two of data, they know they are just making up as they go. Then, if you are absolutely sure that your bag of 100% arrive on a specific flight, consider whether you want to stick at the airport or not. Chances are you've already spent about an hour at the airport between landing, waiting for his bag, and now this. And when the representative says that "the stock market comes at a time" probably means "the plane is scheduled to land in an hour." Even if the flight is on time (check it) is still perhaps 30 minutes, when it lands when the bag arrives on the carousel. Maybe you'd rather go to your hotel or where instead of staying at the airport for one hour (or two or three). Or maybe you have a tour program that lets you stay longer at the airport. In this case, refuse to stay and insist that the bag to send you. Alternatively, if you're willing to stay, ask if you can make a meal voucher or something you can go to a restaurant waiting for an hour. As generally cheaper for the airline to buy a meal than it is to pay a courier to deliver your bag for you, so you must agree to this. bad news – the bag is not the best of the claims representative of the packet is not able to tell what happened to the bag. One would think that with all codes bar, exploration, matching bag, and security in general, it is impossible for bags and passengers to parents. Unfortunately, it is still very possible this to happen, and – a suggestion – do not enter into detailed discussion and heated at this point with the loss of baggage claim representative at the airport! Not your fault and is not something we can control or fix. By all means write a letter to the airline later but for now, concentrate on solving your problem missing bag as best you can. One more warning. If the baggage claim representative does not tell you that your bag is completely lost, do not panic. 98% of all bags not found at this stage will be in the next four or five days, and most of those found in the first 24 to 48 hours. You home or somewhere else? If your bag disappeared into his final return flight, the company will not feel the need to offer much in the way of temporary assistance, for the obvious reason that it is likely to have more of everything you need at home. If you're in your home airport, you should only consider the first two of the three items below. But if you're in another place, the focus here is on establishing three things: (a) How to keep in touch with the company air, and how the company can stay in touch with you, until the state of his purse, is resolved? Some airlines have websites now where can be introduced into the lost bag tracking number and get real time information on the status of the bag. Other airlines force you to rely on old fashion phone calls, and usually do not have service centers in 24 hours lost bag. Get – and give – such as contact information as possible. (b) What is the process between now and when the bag is either delivered or declared lost you forever? Ask when is the soonest that could an update on the status of the bag. Ask what time it lost its service center is open the bag for taking phone calls. Ask how they are going to bag you, and how long that takes when the bag arrived on a flight when delivered to your hotel / house / wherever. Also ask how time would pass before the bag declared lost and gone forever. Then you need to fill out a lost bag form (almost certainly yes). If thus, and only if the worst comes to worst, you can take a copy of this form with you now, to avoid an extra trip to the airport? (c) What reimbursement level can be expected for anything you need to buy between now and when the bags arrive? In the good old days, a bag of delay was a good thing – you can go shopping and the airline would pay the cost of a lot of clothes and toiletries. I got several free dresses that way. These days, does not think non-profit or benefit of delaying his bag at all. The airline hopes that you will meet at least halfway in the treatment of his bag behind. You will also find their definition of what "halfway" may vary depending on whether you are a very frequent flyer with them or someone they've never knowingly dealt with before, and if you bought the most expensive first-class fare, or cheaper bus ticket discount. Try to get an idea of the guidelines for reimbursement of the person at the airport. He would probably try to avoid this issue – is a difficult question, and probably there are people behind you waiting their turn, too. But they insist in understanding what can and should be performed immediately, then the extra that you can do tomorrow and the next day until the bag arrives or is declared lost. Explain your reasonable needs and ask how to solve them. If, for example, traveling in casual wear for the weekend, but Monday they have important business meeting to attend, is a clear need to buy a business suit. However, the airline's why you have bought clothes that now have a lasting value to you, which of course is correct. You can offer to return the clothes he bought from the airline in exchange for a full refund, because you could say "instead $ 1,000 costume in my bag, I bought a suit for $ 250 that was better than nothing but not something that will regulate its use in the future. " Of course, the gown 250 dollars is useless to the carrier, except as a tax write-off for any value you can give it away to, so probably going to try and it encourages you to keep increasing its rebate offer. Most airlines seem to require a 24 hour delay in getting your luggage for you before that begin to consider the reimbursement of new clothes. Ask if there are kits or overnight cash advance immediately or something that can give you if it appears to be without her bag. suggested the strategy of claiming that my suggestion is just visible with small things, in the hope that the airline, in turn, be In fairness to the big things. I usually tell the airline that did not bother to claim the cost of a replacement toothbrush or toiletries for the night, or any little things like that, and offer to wash socks and underwear that night at the hotel instead of insisting on anything new for the next morning. This seems a generous offer on my part, but really, I know that the airline is not likely to give me anything more until the bag has been missing for 24 hours. But voluntarily appear to concede anything to the front, it seems more like a good guy, and someone who is waiting for the airline representative decides to use its discretion positive with. After this gracious concession, I add, 'obviously can not continue forever, and if it looks like you can not get the bag to me tomorrow, I think it fair to buy a change of clothes for the next day. If the person does any sound of agreement, I then ask them "could put that on the record, please, so there is no misunderstanding, when I go to claim the expense. I copy of this request making sure I have the name of the person he was talking, and when I go the airport, I call the baggage service to confirm that the authorization is in the record. But remember. This is a chance for free shopping. Buy moderately priced clothing sensitive, and only what is necessary, unless you have the approval of the airline to be more generous. The airlines, will probably insist on seeing receipts for anything you demand, and may even require you to return the products to them in return for a full refund of the cost. Cash or travel vouchers from the airline often offer to give you travel vouchers rather than cash, and if does not, you should suggest. My rule of thumb is that $ 1 in cash must be worth at least $ 2 in travel vouchers, and generally seems to be accepted by the airline. Note that there are different forms of travel vouchers that can give you. The best kind is a 'MCO' – A "Miscellaneous Charges Order '. This is a bit like a gift certificate and can be used to pay any and all future charges in the airline (unless the restrictions are written in it). The airline may try and give you discount vouchers for travel which are capacity controlled and subject to various restrictions and blackouts. These are not nearly as good as the MCO. Maybe – if they offer this type of bonus – you can ask for triple the value of its claim. Do not think you're doing that, speculation. These restricted certificates cost the airline close to anything – your actual direct cost to the company air is probably 1/20th of their nominal value, and perhaps even less. Moreover, the cost to the airline of writing out a check on your request is clearly and accurately the amount in question. OK three times the value of travel is much more restricted to the airline to give cash advance.

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