Lodging Alaska Cruise

December 28, 2009 3:45 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

lodging alaska cruise
Glaciers in Alaska What should I see a helicopter?

We're taking a cruise passage inside in early June and have only a opportunity to see a glacier by helicopter or puddle jumper. I will travel to the following destinations Ketichkan, Juneau, Ancorage, Denali and Mt. Mckinley Princess hostel near of Talketna. Please indicate in the glaciers will be the best to see through the air. Thanks!

Sounds like you're making a Princess Cruise Tour! Coolio! Ketchikan: Misty Fjords Flying the fixed wing seaplane Juneau: Mendenhall Glacier Trek or sled dogs (helicopter), can also fly float plane to Taku Glacier and do a baked salmon. Anchorage: The Big Apple, you'll have enough to do. Denali: Two options: Helicopter aviation ERA "Hiking Denali." Second choice and my personal "DO IN DENALI" Monte Timberline Aviation. McKinley summit flight see (Tell your pilot Roger Fisher, John says Hello!) Mt McKinley Princess: You will fly again to Denali pass and make a boat safari in place. To narrow the field … Fly with North Mendenhall Star Helicopters in Juneau, and make the journey four hours glacier. (Whale watching is a popular excursion here too, and you can combine these two activities). Summit Mosca Mt. Timberline Aviation McKinley and Mt. McKinley Summit Flight Tour view. Fully pressure Gulf Stream Turbo Commander (Executive twin-engine style seats 8 passengers and everyone has a window). Roger is a great pilot. My father was highly recommended, not a bad recommendation from a former pilot Blue Angel, is in a great tour, and enjoy our great state! If you need any other suggestions, feel free to contact me. I am a director Alaska travel long time and have served in 'Heart of Gold Governor Committee some years ago. Review the links below to give you some ideas. One thing that is very important … While on the ship Shore Excursions alll book the ship … In the case of the tour is to return later, the ship will wait … If you're on your own, tell the boat C'ya, So, catch us if you can! Camai! (Eskimos welcome, or return trip)

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