Leather Thin Credit

December 19, 2008 11:19 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Leather Thin Credit
What’s a way to look unique/cute in standardized dress?

I’ll be a junior in high school this year.

Our school just voted for Standardized Dress (bleh!) and here’s what we have to wear:

Pants: Must be slacks or worker style pants. Colors are black, navy blue, khaki.
Shorts/skirts: Must reach on or below the knee. Colors are black, navy blue, khaki.

Shirts: Any SOLID color dress or polo-style shirt … collar is mandatory. Logo cannot be larger than a credit card. Must be tucked in.

Shoes: Closed toe and heel, solid color, must be leather like or canvas, loafer type, boots, or tennis shoes. (Only white, brown, black, and navy blue)

– – – –

I’m not model-thin, but I am definitely not fat. I want to look cute, but not show-off-y. What are earrings I can wear, or styles to do my hair? Suggestions for jewelry? What type of shirts and pants look good together? What about brands?

Any suggestions you can give, I would be MORE than happy to accept them!!

Thank you so much! =)

OK you should definately wear your hair up because if it’s down it will look like your hair is kind flowing into your outfit. Do like a swept up do. Dont’ go over board with earrings simply dangles or studs are cute. You should also wear a unique long necklace that has colors that express you. With the pants you can go with khakis and a pink, yellow, or bold color shirt so you can stand out. Try fiding lacrose shirts that have millions of colors. I have over 25 lacrose shirts in all different colors, they are cute and stylish. Try some cute heel boots, or cute canvas shoes.

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