Leather Money Clip

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Leather Money Clip
2005 Mustang Convertible, To Trade or Keep, if Keep, Upgrade?

In 2005 I ordered a Legend Lime w/Tan top Mustang Convertible (not a GT much to the disappointment of hubby). I requested Non-leather seats, which I regret now. Anyway, the interior is quite cheap which wouldn’t bother me so much if it didn’t fall apart on a regular basis. The seat reclining clips bust frequently and the upholstery pins pop out. If I traded it right now, I could probably get almost all that I owe due to low mileage, but overall I LOVE the car. Should I trade or keep and upgrade. Also, if I keep it and put money into it, anyone know of any websites? Thanks so much for your input.

I would recommend keeping it if the only problem you are having is the interiour. You’ve already paid for the biggest depreciation hit, so at this point you would lose money big time trading it in. I’m with your hubby on this though, no GT? Sigh…

If you are talking about upgrading the interiour you can get that done for $500 – $1000 for a full custom leather installation at a upholstery shop who could likely offer recommendations for the seat fix. Car dealers get these requests all the time, so call several dealers and get recommendations to see who they use. Its kind of cool, because you can pick out the exact type and color of the leather plus you are saving bucks over dealer installed leather.

If you are talking about engine modifications, body kits etc. just do a search for Mustang forums, you will find more than enough sites that would be glad to offer you specific advice. Also as someone who has been burned way too many times by the upgrade bug, (think Tim Allen, More Power!!!) be aware that come trade in – resell time you will probably not get much if any of that money back, it adds almost nothing to the value of the car. Be careful if you change the rims also. That 2k tire/rim combination may look way cool to you, but could turn off other buyers. Good luck and good decision with the Mustang, excellent choice!!

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