Leather Holder Wallet

March 20, 2010 6:23 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Leather Holder Wallet
How do I market my hand-embossed leather projects custom?

I am 52 years and recently (1 year ago) has been disabled. I taught myself how to tool leather and carrying out projects of any kind. I make almost anything from skin, including: the checkbook covers, decks books, wallets, card holders visit, custom tool boxes, bracelets, wallets, briefcases, belts, etc. and see what I can put any finish on them and can carve almost any image or emblem on them. I put any kind of background on the work as ordered. The problem is, I can not find a good way to treat to sell my product. I tried e-bay, but even get a bid. My prices were not high by the standards of other e-Bayers. I do not make mass products, but by order only. I make images of any or all of my work. What am I doing wrong, or better yet, what can I do that correct? Thanks in advance.

Serendipity has some good suggestions I would add advertising or consult your local shopping scrapbook, diary and stationery. Shoe / leather repair shop (here is where I found a card for a leather craftsman). Check with your local carpenter shops. Sellers of cars, shops Motorcycles. Offer a class in the library. Example "The care of your leather goods. "This is a good way to get your name in the community. Check with your local community centers, centers for collection of high rank, parks and recreation centers for space. street fairs are not bad. These types of shows can be exhausting, so I had to know my limits. Bring someone me and be willing to call a day. Hook up with biker (motorcycle) blessings. Shows. + Leather clothing suppliers / shops. Networks will be your best asset. When you can get someone to help in developing a website. Consider seeking a volunteer with the SBA to help in marketing. I would like to further explore all avenues. The traditional market with disabilities is pretty good these days and many communities have meetings, galleries and shops to connect with the marketing of their goods. Take pictures of your work gets feedback from its customers and put in a portfolio. Use this to help. Get some integrated cards. Yet Addy got my leather sewing clothes for my bike after 11 years. I carry a business card portfolio to keep the preferred connection. I know a card is good publicity. Carry yours at all times. You never know when it is possible that a customer comes. If the local library is doing an exhibition of leather or an engaging book. Do not forget your senior centers. Our hospitals have windows and many people with disabilities or seniors used to leaving a Business Listing Examples of that work on the screen. (including the Veterans Hospital) Disabled and elderly people also have classes in mosaic! they used for advertising. Example: Weaver has a basic class in the tissue. A dulcimer maker in the game teaches basic instrument. In all the places I mentioned ask to be able to announce leave business cards at these locations. bring your own card holder .. maybe something that the very design of leather. Do not know if any of these apply for you I hope this gives you some practical ideas. My local marketing experiences have sometimes been more of a city and have helped me a lot. Some of these strategies can not work so that some will.

Business Card Holder Red Leather Wallet

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