Leather Garment Bag

March 7, 2009 12:57 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Leather Garment Bag
Is it ok to put leather coats inside plastic garment bags for summer storage?

I heard somewhere that this isn’t a good idea.

No it’s a terrible idea. If you want to store leather you must first of all clean it thoroughly and dry it well….no sweat or condensation, no food spills left on it. Then treat the leather with a good leather conditioning cream. Place it in a breathable garment bag, preferably cotton and leave it hanging in a dry area.

Build up of moisture from the humid air will lead to the growth of moulds on your coats, which will not only leave unsightly stains, but is very unhealthy for you.

During the summer you should also take the leather items out of storage every couple of weeks and hang them in a dry spot to air for one or two days, as the humidity will build up inside closets and lead to the problems outlined above.

Samsonite Regent II Garment Bag Demo

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