Land For Sale In Alaska

March 10, 2009 11:02 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

land for sale in alaska
Do you support the Alaska drilling ANWR to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, or some other reason?

"Thanks to the federal government's generous 1959 grant of statehood, Alaska has received a fortune in royalties from oil drilled on its north side. From late 1970 This money has accumulated in an account called the Permanent Fund. Has accumulated so much, in fact, that Alaska not only has no need for income or sales tax, but the State actually pays residents an annual stipend – $ 1850.28 last year a head – just to live there. So with every drop of oil extracted, wealth is transferred from Americans in general – the oil is all that comes out of the federally owned land – to Alaska almost exclusively. And the oil is pumped, the greater the that transfer. Not surprisingly, the state spent $ 7,000,000 for lobbying ANWR – is a fraction of what they would get if the legislation passed. "Http: / / -B9b7-3c9d7ee83ef6 Makushin: Thank you for your contribution. How do you respond to the efforts of the Coalition of Alaska to oppose drilling?

It many Americans do not quite understand is that any increase in oil production will eventually discovered in the world market, not the U.S. market, so you will have next to 0 influence on the price of gasoline, even after a span 5-10 years. Sorry, not just the economic reality of it. Add to this our huge debt to China and the U.S. not even realize a drop of it. Thus reducing our dependence on foreign oil? It will not make a dent. So What is the motivation? Only in Alaska. Palin has had a history of close ties w / Alaska Independence (successionist) party and the Kingdom Now movement theology considered heretical by the very conservative fundamentalist AOG / that seeks to establish a theocracy (see: Joel's Army). That, plus the vision Ed Pastor of Alaska Kahlnin blessed state as a refuge for the entire U.S. theological lends legitimacy first Alaska (Alaska only) as the holy state of refuge for all God's people in the U.S.. Now think of it as a reason, and the incentive for drilling in Alaska comes into better focus. Now the next question is if you sleep well knowing the high degree of probability that Palin will have its finger on the nuclear trigger ideas that Alaska is the only state that counts. Now that is a terrorist scenario the Qaeda does look like Cub Scouts.

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