Knives Of Alaska

June 4, 2009 5:51 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

knives of alaska
Native American names, why both?

I note here two knives and two wolves. Counted among his friends the past, I have not seen in years Charlie believes and Elizabeth Two Elks of Oregon and Alaska, respectively. It has occurred to me that I never even wondered why it was two in this and two so often? We felt it was a good way to be identified. Anyway, I'm asking now. Why the "two"?

I have my name because I used to take two knives and, as always, if someone does not know my name, said the guy with two knives as shortend I have only two knives and was my native name for 40 years I am of Cherokee and Lakota & roll two knives in Pine Ridge SD & Mt Natahalie North Carolina has two wolves hes asking their own history one of my freinds on page 360 I have a friend whose grandfather was two Lance because he had two spears to battle. Hope this helped Thanks

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