Kenneth Cole Reaction

December 19, 2008 1:05 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Kenneth Cole Reaction
What shirts go best with khakis and solid black dress boots?

I wear khakis and Kenneth Cole Reaction dress boots (solid black). I typically wear dress shirts OR polo shirts (only solid colors and only button ups). I’m wondering what color of shirt would look striking with this combination. And if you happen to think black boots are a no-no with khakis, then go ahead and answer for wheat-brown since I also have timberlands – Just please make sure to clarify which color you’re commenting on. And thank you!
I wanted to mention that I’m 6’7”, white, and I have brown eyes and dark-brown hair (that looks black). Oh yes, and so far everyone sounds like fashion experts (i.e., they don’t agree) =)

Dark colors would be the best to go with khakis and your black boots. I think a solid white may work also but nothing like bright red, blue, green (like lime or yellow-green), or yellow. For polos you could probably do navy, black, brown, white, tan, and perhaps green. Colors like navy, maroon, green, will probably work better with brown shoes.

For dress shrits I think maroon, navy, black, white, beige, or green will work fine.

In general, I would just say to stick with the darker colors.

Kenneth Cole Reaction

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