July 23, 2008 6:35 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

I'm going to Juneau Alaska, in June, any suggestions?

My boyfriend and I are going to Alaska this summer for a friends wedding and I can say is in Juneau the middle of nowhere. Do any of you been there? , and if you have, how when the weather this time of year, which places should we go?

Depends how long is going to be here and what you enjoy doing. When it rains Juneau is one of the most beautiful places in the world. You can hike through fields of ice, glaciers, whale watching, etc. If you want to see skyscrapers size pieces of ice from a glacier calving into the sea, take the cruise Tracey Arm. It is $ 100 and lasts all the day. Other than that, go to the downtown visitor center (in the Centenary Hall) and buy the hiking guide or plan time line before www.juneautrails.org. Unfortunately there is really no things to do "in" almost everywhere in Alaska except drink alcohol. You have to find its heyday in the desert. Hunting, fishing, wildlife and photography opportunities abound. June is an ideal month to visit. You can start a short walk ramp at 8:00 pm and still be made before dark. And if he does get dark? Relax at night is only for about 2 hours. There are a number of forest service cabins can be rented cheaply. You will need hiking one of them or a letter from a seaplane or boat. They are great and are really in the middle of nowhere. If you like ghost towns to explore what it used to be the city of Treadwell, just south of Douglas. If you step off the trail system (head up) can see a lot of old buildings that most people do not even know. If you will be Here are a couple of days taking into account the ferry to Haines or Skagway and explore the Gold Rush towns. A popular trip is to take the train in Skagway. I recommend taking the ferry to a bridge and a plane the other pool so you can see the path, both by air and sea.

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