Juneau Alaska

October 29, 2008 11:24 PM | Postcards From Alaska

Juneau Alaska
What can I do in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway (Alaska) and Vancouver, Canada?

I am going on a Princess cruise with my family to these places in two days and I was wondering what the most worthwhile sites to see and places to visit are over there. We will be spending a day in each city except Vancouver, where we have two days. Thanks in advance!

Ketchikan is kind of sparse for things to do. I’ve walked around town, checked out stores, hung out near the dock. Mostly I’m there to make connection to someplace most remote like Craig or Klawock on Prince of Wales Island. Ray Troll (Alaskan artist of humorous fish painting has his studio in Ketchikan. If you need to get around, skip the regular in-town taxi and call a water taxi. Nothing is far from the water and it makes for a more interesting ride.

In Juneau, the State Museum is pretty good and right down town. A good and creative restaurant is the “Fiddlehead” on Willoughby. There are several firms that offer one-hour trips by helicopter up to the glaciers above town. The statehouse is sort of interesting to wander through – very small town, small government feel to it.

Skagway, when the cruise ships are in, there are a lot of shops open on a old-fashioned board-walked street. The Yukon & White Pass narrow gauge railroad runs from town and is pretty interesting.

Vancouver has a ton of stuff. Great Asian food, Stanely Park on the water is very nice (although maybe leave by dark). Expo park is left over from the 1986 world expo. There are hikes and kayak trips not far from town. Any book on BC would a long list of things to do in Vancouver.

Juneau, Alaska

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