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November 30, 2008 5:20 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

internet cafe alaska
Princess cruise Alaska?

Hello. I'm going on a cruise to Alaska on the Inside Passage. I'm sailing with Princess Cruise Line. I've only sailed with Disney Cruise Line before. The boat I'm sailing on the Sapphire Princess. What is the princess? I'm the guy who wants to know everything before I go. How is the food? Is it Family? Children's clubs / youth clubs? Is it likely I will get sick Sea Inside Passage? What are the things for entertainment? * If you know how much it costs to have Internet Cafe? Thanks! Any additional information you have on the cruise, Alaska is appreciated!

I Princess crossed 10 times with # 11 very soon. The Sapphire Princess is by far my favorite boat. The teen center is impressive, with many activities as pizza parties, talent contest, dancing and karaoke as well. It is unlikely that you will get sea sick in the hallway inside, but getting there can give you problems. But it is vary bad. Just bring with you some Dramamine just in case and you will be fine. Also bring a hat and gloves, as can sometimes fail to be cold, especially if you go to Glacier Bay or Tracy Arms. I can not remember how much the cost of Internet service as I pretty much get it free for being a frequent cruiser with the princess. Oh, the food is to die for, even simple things like burgers and hot dogs outside near one of the swimming pools. They also have soft ice cream near the pool too. I've been to Alaska twice, and my next cruise to Alaska is back for the third time. Therefore, I think I can say, I LOVE ALASKA!

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