International Travel Power

August 20, 2009 12:20 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

International Travel Power
International Flight – Traveling with Computer Hardware?

I am traveling from Salt Lake City, UT to Houston, TX. And then from Houston, TX International Airport to Caracas, Venezuela. I am bringing with me two check in luggage, and I am taking a backpack. One luggage is going to be full of computer hardware (2 Power supply, 3 hard drives, CPUs, 4 Video Cards, 2 Sound Cards, 2 Mouse, 1 Keyboard, etc.).

The other luggage is going to have an LCD monitor (bubble wrapped) and the normal stuff (clothing, shoes, books).

My question is: is this going to be a problem with security? Do I need to register those products before I leave with somebody?

You will have no problem in leaving the states with this type of equiptment. Its done all the time and they are used to this type of transaction. Make sure you have a list of your gear to facilitate inspection if they decide to check you out. it will help.
Your only potential problem is with Venezuelan customs. they might charge you duty on the equiptment. If its obviously used equiptment it will help and probalbly negate the duties but you just can’t tell until you are standing in front of the customs agent.
I don’t know how specialized your gear is but you can buy quality equiptment in just about any country in the world right now. Generally at cheaper prices than you can get in the “new” catagory in the states. I never fly with computer equiptment any more. i just buy it there and it seems to work out fine. But I am just an average computer user not a pro.

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