Hunting Eagle

August 30, 2009 2:37 AM | Alaskan Eagles

Hunting Eagle
Is it illegal to hunt Bald Eagle in the U.S. or canada?

Follow up question: What should I do if I ran one over by my car by accident?
Follow up question: What if it wasn’t an accident?
Follow up question: What if it was actually a gun, and not my car?

It is illegal, but so are a lot of things. Hell, it is illegal to drive 2 MPH over the speed limit but I do that and more every day. If you own a big plot of land out in the woods- shoot it, stuff it, mount it, tell your cop buddies you bought it somewhere and it “isn’t real”. Finally, laugh hard as Hell after getting away with all of that.

Come on everybody, I laughed at this question and the follow ups!

hunting wolves with a golden eagle in Mongolia. Kazajstán-Ky

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