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July 6, 2009 8:05 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

homer alaska
Driving from Wisconsin to Alaska?

My family is moving from Wisconsin to Homer, Alaska. We're driving up there this month. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the way forward. Travel to Washington and up? Or enter Canada before that. I have already ordered the book milepost 2006. Traveling with a child and domestic animals 4. Thanks in advance. How are the roads in Canada? A lot of motels?

I drove up the road from Appleton, Wisconsin I've been up and down the road and often have taken many different routes. Yours is pretty simple – if you're looking to get faster I get the 1990 to 1994 and boy, Minnesota, North Dakota. In North Dakota Jamestown 52 and N will consider it all the way until you get in Saskatchewan. In the Canadian border becomes 39. What takes you through Regina (turns into 11), Saskatoon (turns into 16), go to Edmonton and get 43. You will go through Valleyview and Grande Prairie, then to Dawson Creek – where you get on the road to Alaska. You will take the Alaska Highway all the way to my village to parents (Tok, Alaska). From there, Tok is the cut (turn left at the Chevron gas station on corner) to Glennallen where you take the Glenn Highway past Anchorage. You need to take the Seward Highway to the "fork" on the road – where it will go right. To get to Homer. Suggestions: Baja complete your insurance deductible to $ 100 before the trip. There is a possibility that you will get 99% a crack in your windshield. Have it set at Badger Glass in Anchorage. The main roads are all paved in Alaska – there may be a stretch or two of the roads unpaved in Canada. But just be a few miles at a time. Just follow speed limits. If you see signs that say closed curve – set attention – a sharp turn in Canada can be almost turning the opposite direction – not one of those Pink Mountain. You can take the route of Washington, but it will take much longer. My route keeps heading in the right direction the whole trip. I was traveling in three days – but I had no children then. If you choose the route Washington – avoid Cassiar Highway. It is paved and most treacherous too. However, there is still snow on the ground here and more time, but the roads are clear. Curiousity makes me wonder – what brings his family in this way? Good luck and let me know how was your trip.

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