Homer Alaska Fishing

April 8, 2008 1:01 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

homer alaska fishing
What are the best places commercial fishing opportunities in Alaska?

I have 24 years and arrive in Anchorage on May 17. I would like find work in a fishing boat. I heard that Homer is a great place to work out. How is it there until the chances of finding a job in a fishing boat? What should I do when I'm in port? What are other options in other cities in Alaska? What are the working conditions as for the canneries?

As stated above these jobs are difficult to obtain. If you are looking for a job where I would go fishing fisheries. And is that Valdez. There are more ships there than anywhere else I've seen. If you are a "good" fisherman and can demonstrate their skills have no chance. There are some boats leaving for long periods, months at a time, and the pay is great, if the catch is good. Rent some movies broadcast on the Discovery Channel to see some of the conditions on the ships, boats, expecially the crab. As for the canneries, when I was there last year the Border Patrol arrested about 25 illegal aliens from Mexico who were working in a cannery in paticular. There are plenty of jobs around Anchorage. Technical Diesel bring in $ 35 + per hour as do many skilled trades. Check local union halls. Alaska is covered by the trades unions. It is a state right to work so you do not really have a union to work.

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