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December 30, 2007 10:49 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

holland america cruises alaska

Explore Alaska's glaciers is mighty

By Roy Witman

When you say, "Alaska", most people begin to evoke images of bears wandering in the wilderness, elk grazing in the valley and flows salmon leaping river. But did you know Alaska has …

· Costa more than all other states combined?

• 3 million lakes?

· 40% of the area protected in reserves and national parks?

• More than 100 glaciers covering 14 million hectares?

It's the incredible blue ice glaciers that have become an attraction great for all nature lovers worldwide. And, since Alaska has so much to offer, has become the playground for glacier discovery.

Cruise is one of the most exciting ways to explore glaciers because you are actually in the water. Many cruise lines including Holland America, offer tours to Park National Glacier Bay, College Fjord, the Inside Passage, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Hubbard Glacier.

Glacier Bay National Park

A Biosphere Reserve, World Heritage Site by UNESCO, a protected ecosystem of plants and animals … Glacier Bay National Park is all these things. But what excites Most visitors are the glaciers themselves.

According to Holland America's website, "… when a monumental chunk of ice falls between a glacier and the sea, the sound is like thunder. The impact of water shoots hundreds of feet into the air. Hold your breath as you catch the moment on film. Then wait all happen again. And he does. Glacier Bay has more active labor tidal glaciers elsewhere in the world. "Really exciting to see! But the discovery glacier goes beyond seeing far away.

Explore Via Canoe

If you want to get up close and personal activity in a 31-foot canoe and pull alongside the Davidson Glacier in Haines, Alaska. In addition, you'll encounter whales, sea lions and other native creatures often so close that his hand would reach and touch them. (Resist the urge!)

Step out on a glacier

The king of all tours is the rental of a helicopter fly in it, and go on a glacier. There is a certain reverence you feel when standing next to massive ice glacier known irregular stands rise from took millions years form. Equipped with special glacier boots, your guide will take you through a trek of many glaciers including Chilkat Glacier, Ferebee Glacier Glacier or Meade. Along the way, you'll thrill at cascading waterfalls and crystal clear rivers like ice.

At best Flightseeing

For lovers photography, flightseeing over wilderness areas and glaciers is a must. Helicopters get you closer than any plane that could one-time above waterfalls and lush tropical forests on their way to the Juneau Icefield with 36 named glaciers. A frozen, serene wonderland, just being in this area commands respect. Maybe it's a sense of awe at this rare beauty. It could be a concern for the future of this region. In fact, while most the glaciers are retreating due to the possible effects of global warming in the Juneau Icefield is still advancing.

From towers of ice deep crevices of the eagles flying, photo opps glaciers in Alaska are fantastic and sure to provide memories that last a lifetime.

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