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November 16, 2008 4:46 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

holland america alaska cruises
How strict is the legal drinking age on cruise ships?

So I'm going on a cruise to Alaska with my family in July-August time frame. I understand cruisers in the consumption age is 21 years. All except for one person is over 21 years of my party (my little brother is 20). We are a place where the legal drinking age is 18 +, so we're very used to the whole family for a drink social. Just curious if anyone was able to bend these rules cruise lines, especially the princess and / or Holland America cruise line.

You know everyone is just a little. I was with my cousin when NCL They were both 20 and has not care b / c of San Martín, of legal drinking age at 16. and the Caribbean is international waters. but stopped once we got used us a short distance from Miami. There would be no problems if they were truly become international waters but when you're off the coast of Alaska (as opposed the Caribbean islands) is still in U.S. waters. However, you can sneak a bottle of vodka in your luggage (if you're over 21). You bring a bottle of water and keep refilling. If you get a soda fountain card, you can mix and match. And the last night of the cruise to return all the alcohol bought on the boat. We ended Two additional bottles (which meant he would get up at 5:30 to declare to the customs) so instead of our group stayed up all night and drank two bottles of Miami and was brought to light. Now, as the wine with dinner, I do not care at all. At dinner, all alternative to buying wine (including minors) and no one cared b / c the parents are present. That was the carnival and although NCL. Do not know about Holland America, but like everyone else in the Netherlands is 60 + I doubt even they would realize if he carried around the water bottle full of rum.

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